Saving you time and money

We only recommend using our special formulated polyethylene to pull with when using our patented Tarp Tow® device. It is very inexpensive and readily available and proven to be 100 times stronger then other tarp material.

Moving sharp dead tree limbs and trunks with the Tarp Tow device.

Watch Our Tarp Tow® Destructive Test - Tarp vs Our formulated polyethylene below to see why it is revolutionizing the way you do yard work!!!

For heavy loads with sharp points such as large tree branches and tree trunks we always use two layers of sheets because this double their strength to prevent break thru.

Showing Plastic Sheet Material being Used with The Tarp Tow System

Our device and material has proven itself because we have used the same two sheets for all our testing over the past three years. They are featured in all the pictures and videos on our youtube channel and website.

Showing Plastic Sheet Material being Used with The Tarp Tow System

They do show tons of wear and tear in the material, but they still are used today because they still work great. We just recommend layering our material together as they wear and for heavy and sharp loads.

recommened plastic sheet for pulling or moving leaves, branches, tree limbs, mulch, bush trimming with your riding lawn mower or zero turn while using the tarp tow system.

Now it is time for you to enjoy the many benefits of the Tarp Tow® device to save you time and money by getting the job done faster and easier then before.

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