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We recieve so many reviews and like to share what our customers are saying about Tarp Tow.


This review below is written by Chris Douglas, who is using a Tarp Tow Custom Commercial System on his Craftsman LT 3000.


Excellent quality, I appreciate the caps on the ends of the bars - nice touch!

Went together easily, all fit great! I will end up using the extra bar to push it out farther from the rear wheels. Once I got the plastic sheeting on I only have about 1/4" clearance to the tires, but could not wait to use it so have left it as is for now.

I am running 3 layers of plastic. At first I considered making them less than 25 feet, but in the end I am glad I went with 25', it fills up fast!

As you may recall from our conversation, I have many pine trees in my yard and periodically rake up all the pine needles into piles to drag them off into the woods. As you can imagine, this takes a lot of time and effort. The raking into piles takes a good 8 hours steady by two people. Moving the piles onto a tarp and dragging the tarp into the woods takes 2 days or more and is very exhausting for my wife and I.

It was 30 degrees here when I got the Tarp Tow delivered but I put it on the tractor (Craftsman LGT 3000, 16.5 HP Honda engine), ran and picked up 100' of 6mil plastic and got going.

The Tarp Tow product is very well engineered, it will stand up to a lot. I ordered the Commercial Series as I am a firm believer in "more is better" and I do have a 4.5 acre place with lots of things I can use this for.

I already had raked up my yard back in December and had been planning to buy Tarp Tow after I found the product searching the web for ideas on how to use my lawn tractor to pull a tarp full of debris as my wife and I just are not as young as we used to be. It took about two hours or browsing the web before I came across your website, 5 minutes later I knew I was going to buy it.

I have been using Tarp Tow the past two days and all I can say it I wish I had this thing 5 years ago! It is that good. The volume of debris I have moved this weekend would have taken my quite a number of additional days had I had to move it by dragging a tarp back and forth.

Thank you, Mark! Great, great product! I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone that deals with pine needles, leaves, tree branches, etc. and had been using a tarp to drag debris around. Tarp Tow will change the way to do all of that.

Mark is extremely helpful, too. If you are thinking about purchasing Tarp Tow and have questions, call. Mark is more than happy to help you get the model and size you need.


This next review below is written by K. W. Horne, who is using a Tarp Tow Residential System on his Craftsman Pro T8200.



I purchased the Tarp Tow Residential system in July 2015 and the following is my review of this product.

When I received my order, upon opening, First, I went through the assembly and parts manual to familiarize myself with the instructions and parts list.
Second, I laid out the parts uniformly for ease of assembly.

Third, I assembled the system using only finger tight pressure to make sure everything was correct before final tightening of all nuts and bolts.

From start to finish the assembly was an absolute breeze and pleasantly simple that only took about 20 minutes. Mark's design of this product is nothing short of excellent.


The following day I took my lawn tractor and a 10 x 25 roll of 6 mil think plastic sheeting I purchased from Home Depot and went to my Dad's 2 1/2 acre home and started tree and brush trimming. I attached the sheeting as instructed and pulled up at the first tree. Just for the record, I also took a weight scale for testing purposes, and the first full load of tree limbs was 333 pounds.

The Tarp Tow system performed flawlessly, load after load, and continued to do so until the days work was done. I have since used it to haul hundreds of pounds of gravel, huge piles of common brush, and even hook up my dump trailers to it. And just pulling the tarp over by one of it's rear corners makes a nice clean pile right at the street for pickup.


In my opinion, this is one of the best products I have seen come on the market in a long time. It is amazingly simply to install, is built like tank with heavy galvanized steel, and quality hardware.

I cannot begin to express how great the Tarp Tow works and even more importantly, how aching muscles, back pain, and sore joints are a thing of the past for me now thanks to an awesome system that has my lawn tractor dong all the work of what would otherwise be hours of manual labor.

Hats off to Mark at Tarp Tow for designing a system that changes heavy yard work from manual labor to being a pleasure once again, because what used to take me 6-7 hours, I now do in about 1-2 hours.

K. W. Horne


Up next is Kenny Bradley's who owns Undercut Lawn Care Services that is using one of our Tarp Tow Systems on his SCAG Turf Tiger 61".


He told us that he had been doing his clients leaves for years. He said that he couldn't mulch them because he would have left 1" to 3” of leaf debris everywhere that would kill their grass.  What he had been doing like other was buying these so called heavy duty tarps (12’ x 20’) around town for about $90 each and they were shredding almost two of them per job site when just moving leaves.  He told me that once he saw our videos on you tube and found our website that he was sold because not only the cost of each plastic sheet was $75 cheaper, but they were also larger in size at 10' x 25'. This is a Game Changer!!! 



This is from one of our customers that bought the system to use with his Toro TimeCutter SS 3200 riding mower.

"The installation was easy and straightforward. Here is a picture of the attached Tarp Tow. Again, Thanks, Ken"



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